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    Other critters that can't be wished for (someone please let me know if there's a better place for these):
    any slime tube monster (slime tube monster, slime, slime colossus, etc.)
    any gingerbread monster (gingerbread alligator, gingerbread gentrifier, etc.)

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    Well, let's perhaps try a spade? I'm rather new to Google Forms/spreadsheets, but it looks rather useful for such an occasion.

    What monsters can and cannot be wished for:

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    Thanks for the spreadsheet. Added five hundred and forty-six monsters to the blocklist.

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    Thanks for the spreadsheet. Added five hundred and forty-six monsters to the blocklist.
    Originally Posted by Ezandora View Post
    Glad to have been of some help.
    Spading is still continuing. Just slowly at this time.
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    None of the fantasy realm +rubee effects or boss requirement effects can be wished for (I just verified):
    * Fortunate, Son
    * Faerie Fortune
    * Heroic Fortune
    * Fantasy Faerie Blessing
    * Brewed Up
    * Poison For Blood
    * Fantastical Health

    Maybe another google sheet for effects spading?

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    If someone makes a blacklisted effects spreadsheet, I'll happily enter this over there, but meanwhile--blacklisted effects:
    * Industrially Frosted
    * Mer-kinkiness
    * [1553]Slicked-back do (at least, as the relay script tries to wish for it, just wishing for "Slicked-back do" manually gets the other effect with that name)
    * Behind the Green Curtain
    * Avatar of She-Who-Was
    * Avatar of the Storm Tortoise
    * Avatar of the War Snapper
    * Fortunate, Son
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    Genie is offering "Tainted Love Potion" for moxie, but this appears to be blacklisted. Also, for the benefit of anyone else who ends up here and wants to modify their own list: the blacklist is in KoLMafia\relay\choice.1267.ash
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