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Thread: My personal Meat farming script

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    I saw you had a todo comment for using pill keeper to force a semirare if you don't have an active counter at the beginning of the script, something else to consider is it might be profitable to continue spending all your spleen on getting more semirares immediately depending on the character's mpa instead of using spleen for additional adventures, especially since that allows you to get the same semirare over and over.

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    In my last couple of runs, I got the same semirare multiple times in a row. I was getting distilled wines for adventure generation, but, yeah - I hadn't really experienced this before.
    This script also has an "experimental" section with unused functions for calculating "values" of semirares and chocolates.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't done the pillkeeper yet because it's more complicated than it first looked - as you pointed out.
    Also you might want to get (at least one) valuable semirare for zero spleen even if you are not collecting semirares via Lucky Lindys - which, themselves, may not be profitable vs. higher yield booze, which is why semirare hunting is user configurable.

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