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Thread: CanAdv -- check whether you can adventure at a given location

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    I'm [literally] about 11 months behind on email and tracking on mafia, but I'll see if I can get CanAdv to note the missing areas based on CanGo. Soon. Ish.

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    There. CanAdv should be in sync with cango now. Thanks zarqon for all of the improvements in ordering and logic.

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    Thanks Theraze! Glad to see you post again. After Bale stopped posting I'm getting nervous for all the other relative old-timers.

    Did a quick diff and looks like the only real difference is still that guild unlock setting. I think I could be willing to compromise on this issue in order to merge our fork. Aside from my philosophical objection that adventuring should be outside the scope of this script, I do suggest though that you make the adventuring part sensitive to prep. It could be an unpleasant surprise if someone ran a relay script which imports CanAdv (such as Factroid! for instance) only to tab over to the CLI and see the script had started adventuring to unlock the guild! Just have to pass the prep parameter along to checkguild(). If you did this I could see fit to finally merge the tines of our fork. In my current daydream you also make the setting a hardcoded boolean instead... but like I said I'm willing to compromise for the sake of centrality. Whaddya say?

    EDIT: What?? I was under the impression I couldn't commit changes to this project, but I suddenly saw it listed in my projects on SourceForge so on a lark I just tried and succeeded in committing a revision. I made adventuring contingent on prep as mentioned above, and also raised the default verbosity so my scripts that use this repeatedly won't spam my CLI. If this is overstepping my bounds in some way, you can revert the changes but I think that makes both our lives a bit easier going forward, yes?
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