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Thread: New Goodies Incoming for

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    Default New Goodies Incoming for

    Some of you may have noticed that today the site went down for a couple hours. There's some changes going on and we moved to a new server (much more powerful). What's nice about the new home for the site is the automatic builds will no longer be handled by my home pc, which in turn means they shouldn't go down with my internet, huzzah!

    Check out the new builds site

    Still in the process of setting it up and configuring it, the old builds site will still work for the near future term until I can get Jenkins fully configured.

    You can follow me on twitter @fewyn

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    For those playing at home*/ will always give you the latest version in zip format (stored in the dist folder)

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    Or for the Jar, go to and you can grab it from there... though the name changes to match the build number.

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    Yeah which is why I did the zip instead probably more useful for scripting purposes.

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    I think automated updaters will prefer the .jar, and won't want to download the large file unless it's actually newer than the version they already have. I would expect Theraze's link to get more use for both of those reasons.

    Unless you would prefer that people download the .zip to save bandwidth on your end, in which case I imagine an auto-updater will work to incorporate unzipping, but they will still want a quick page to check on the latest version.

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    The zip link I linked will always have the most recent file in it, the link Theraze linked you'd have to scrape I think to get the direct link to the jar. There's some api stuff I haven't digged into yet though that might make it easier though. Will have to poke at it more though.

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    If anyone is interested in scripting the new build server. is the API for the main "job" you can use it to get the latest build # and then go to<NUMBER>/api/json (Ex: ) which will give you the latest JAR build in this example it is KoLmafia-16702.jar which means to download the build you go to

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    or to simplify it you can and for the latest build

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    Sorry about the downtime earlier... Jenkins decided it needed an 87gb log file...

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