Bug Winks/Arrows not properly tracked against The Darkness


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Yesterday, I ran autoscend followed by garbo, and found myself caught in a strange loop where garbo repeatedly tried to wink at embezzlers. At first I assumed it was a garbo problem, but looking through the code, I found nothing that would cause this.

A prefref _badlyRomanticArrows yielded 0, and looking through my log, this was inaccurate:

[88] The Defiled Alcove
Encounter: the darkness
Preference _lastCombatStarted changed from 20210707055532 to 20210707055550
Round 0: phreddrickkv2 wins initiative!
> [INFO] - auto_combatHandler: 0
Preference auto_combatHP changed from 1281 to 1302
Preference auto_doCombatCopy changed from no to yes
Preference auto_waitingArrowAlcove changed from 50 to 24
Preference auto_combatHandler changed from  to (sk7168)
Round 1: phreddrickkv2 casts WINK AT!
Round 2: Gene does something, but you can't tell what.
Preference auto_diag_round changed from 0 to 1
Preference auto_doCombatCopy changed from yes to no
Preference auto_combatHandler changed from (sk7168) to (sk7168)(banishercheck)
Preference auto_combatHandler changed from (sk7168)(banishercheck) to (sk7168)(banishercheck)(sk7289)
Round 2: phreddrickkv2 casts MICROMETEORITE!
Round 3: modern zmobie drops 12 attack power.
Round 3: modern zmobie drops 11 defense.

Autoscend had equipped Helps-You-Sleep to ensure that I'd encounter a modern zmobie, and then winked at it. Mafia had not properly tracked the wink. It also failed to update during the end-of-combat dialogue:
Round 10: phreddrickkv2 wins the fight!
After Battle: Your Evilometer emits five quick beeps.
Preference cyrptAlcoveEvilness changed from 44 to 39
Preference cyrptTotalEvilness changed from 194 to 189
After Battle: Some gravy sloshes out of your hat and douses some extra evil!
Preference cyrptAlcoveEvilness changed from 39 to 38
Preference cyrptTotalEvilness changed from 189 to 188
After Battle: Veiled Capella looks around carefully, and once she's satisfied you're alone, she gives you some meat.You grab a plump, wriggling worm from what's left of that zombie.
You gain 13 Meat.
After Battle: Gene does something, but you can't tell what.
You acquire an item: wriggling worm
After Battle: Gene does something, but you can't tell what.
After Battle: You gain 34 Beefiness
After Battle: You gain 13 Mysteriousness
After Battle: You gain 4 Chutzpah
After Battle: Gene does something, but you can't tell what.

I can't think of a great fix for this off the bat--being blind messes with our familiar messages, and it prevents us from telling immediately whether the monster was copyable (although later in the fight, Mafia seems to determine that it's a modern zmobie).


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Trying and failing to fire a badly romantic arrow when you've already winked yields the result
%fn is shaking too hard to fire the badly romantic arrow. "There are reanimated corpses out there," he whispers, "and if I accidentally hit one, instead of loving, he'll want revenge! I can't risk it."
So that might be a way to retroactively flag that an arrow has been fired.