This effect gives 40% meat for 20 adventures
it is given from the mysterious island arena

does anyone know how to script this effect in?

also while i'm asking

what are the url's for McMillicancuddy's Farmhouse and the lighthouse keeper

e.g visit_url("store.php?whichstore=h");

i am in hardcore oxy (level 2) at the moment so i cannot see the urls
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cli_execute("concert wi");
or you could use a visit url, which I don't have access to right now.

Lighthouse keeper:

McMillicancuddy's Farmhouse I also don't have access to right now.


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If you copy-paste those commands, note that the forum added a space to the lighthouse URL. Also note that mafia automatically visits the lighthouse guy to get daily rewards when you log in if you're eligible for them.



and thankyou all

this is all going towards the personal script i'm making, i found out that quite a lot of meat can be made with these, and preternatural greed (+100%meat)

exept demon summoning is easy to script in, i found the scripting wiki =D
You can drop this in your script, if you find it useful. This is the helper function I use to call concerts from my farming ASH script. The # argument is just the order of the song to choose. If you did the war as a frat, Elvish is #1, Winklered is #2, Angst is #3.

boolean visit_arena(int option) 
	// Island Arena Script by Greenrider
	// Arguments: int concert option
	// Actions: attempts to listen to a concert corresponding to the given number
	// Returns: TRUE if concert buff appears to have worked, FALSE otherwise
	if(option < 1 || option > 3)
		return false;
	return contains_text(visit_url("postwarisland.php?place=concert&action=concert&option=" + option),"You acquire an effect");