Where to change the default PvP win/loss message


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I just realized that when I automate my PvP fights with Mafia, the win/loss messages I have set in KoL are not always used.

For example, sometimes I look at past fights and see that I said "HERE'S YOUR CHEETO, MOTHER!*$#ER", even though that's not the message I've specified in KoL.

Are these messages able to be modified by the user in Mafia, either via the GUI or the GCLI?



user defaultFlowerLossMessage
user defaultFlowerWinMessage

If one is not set then a random selection from some internally defined choices is used.

That said I don't think KoLmafia pays any attention to anything you set in plain KoL. Perhaps that is a feature request?


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Thanks! Just added =MYMESSAGE to the end of those two lines in my prefs file. Will try it out next time I automate some PVP fights :)