Where do I find the latest jar?


There used to be a link in the top right corner of the forums to where I could go to download it, but it's no longer there.

Cursory inspection of the other links in the area does lead to any jar files.

Can someone please give me a pointer to where I can find it?

- edit - Checked back just now and the link was back - I guess I should have waited a bit longer before posting a thread. I did try to refresh the page several times over at least 5 minutes before posting =p Though I do get the error message below when trying to download it...
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Yeah, it was the "build" button which was missing for a while. I dunno why, if I had just waited 30 minutes, this thread wouldn't exist .-)


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Sorry about that I was in the midst of trying to wrestle Jenkins into submission. It should be fine now.