Veracity's Gingerbread City.ash


Ok, I can confirm that setting my CCS to

[ gingerbread ]
skill micrometeorite
skill saucegeyser

[ gingerbread pigeon ]
skill macrometeorite
skill saucegeyser

[ gingerbread rat ]
skill macrometeorite
skill saucegeyser
resulted in it switching away rats and pigeons while killing everything else in gingertown with a saucegeyser.
However it was using at most 1 macrometeorite per adv. So with some strange luck it might be possible to not use them all up. (eg, if 18 sewer turns are 13 gators + 5 rats that turn into pigeons when used on. A human would use macro a second time during the rat->pigeon adventures, the CCS won't; but the odds of this happening are relatively low)

Also, I was under the impression advancing time only lost you a single adventure, and could then do 15 at night to compensate. But no, it actually removes those 5 adventures from your daily limit. So, I am disabling it now.
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I tried to run configureVGC.ash this morning and got this in response: "Function 'print( )' overrides a library function (configureVGC.ash, line 5)". No idea why.


Because I added print() with no arguments as a built-in ASH function.
It prints a blank line. You used to have to do that with print( "" ), which annoyed me.
I'll remove the no longer necessary function from the script. Thanks!


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My apologies if I am missing something obvious. I have deleted and reinstalled this script. When I call it. I get this with no turns spent:

> call scripts/Gingerbread City.ash

Day 1 of quest "raygun"
Overriding midnight choice: "Judge Fudge" -> "Mysticality"
Adventuring in The Gingerbread City stops.
Farming sprinkles
Gained 0 sprinkles in 0 turns. Sprinkles/Adventure = 0
Cumulative = 362,122 sprinkles in 3,597 turns. Sprinkles/Adventure = 100
Spent 0 sprinkles. Cumulative = 4,000

I don't understand why it is aborting. Any suggestions? Thanks.


When I run the script, it immediately stops now, it doesn't try to use any turns, just displays the output.

EDIT: So for some reason my configuration was all changed to none, which stopped the script from working at all with no message. Had to manually edit the files to update them.
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