Feature - Implemented Update a few default goals


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For Cyrpt: The Defiled Alcove: current default is "3 shysterweed". That item no longer drops there. Perhaps "none" is better?
For Island: Belowdecks: current default is "1 Talisman o'Nam". This works OK in practice but should be changed to "1 Talisman o'Namsilat" for correctness.
For Beanstalk: The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Top Floor): Please add "1 steam-powered model rocketship" as a goal.

KoLmafia v17.3 r17088.


Upper Chamber and Middle Chamber. Someone should get rid of those goals since there aren't any choice adventures there.


There are some goals I'd want, but they'd require programming (like this feature) instead of just an update to adventures.txt.

One mundane goal to add would be a beehive for the Black Forest.