Bug - Not A Bug Unaffected Bruised Jaw, but had said it couldn't.


So, I got Bruised Jaw from a Quantum Terrarium doppleshifter impersonating a snow hitman. I clicked on the adventue number, as is normal for removing bad effects. CLI said this:
> uneffect Bruised Jaw

Bruised Jaw cannot be removed with an available item or skill...
Using soft green whatever...
Bruised Jaw removed.

And yes, the effect is gone.


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That is the correct behaviour - there is not a special item or skill that removes the effect so we use a SSEEGA


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Perhaps is is a comment about the confusing message? On the surface it reads like mafia is telling the user it can't do something and then immediately does it anyway. In the code the message is generated after mafia has decided it cannot use a skill or special item so perhaps there is a better way to tell the user there is no special handling and so generics are being used?

It is a trivial edit to change the message so if I come up with better phrasing I will do so.



And yes, I hadn't been aware that the first message didn't apply to the SGEEs. As such, it very much looked like Mafia was giving a false "can't do this" message.