Bug - Fixed Unable to fetch TCRS data, fetches empty files


On a clean install of the latest mafia (r26765), fetching the TCRS data for a given class and moon results in empty files being fetched.

> tcrs fetch pastamancer, vole

Local file TCRS_Pastamancer_vole.txt does not exist.
Local file TCRS_Pastamancer_vole_cafe_booze.txt does not exist.
Local file TCRS_Pastamancer_vole_cafe_food.txt does not exist.
Fetched remote version of TCRS_Pastamancer_vole.txt from the repository.
File TCRS_Pastamancer_vole.txt is empty. Deleting.
Fetched remote version of TCRS_Pastamancer_vole_cafe_booze.txt from the repository.
File TCRS_Pastamancer_vole_cafe_booze.txt is empty. Deleting.
Fetched remote version of TCRS_Pastamancer_vole_cafe_food.txt from the repository.
File TCRS_Pastamancer_vole_cafe_food.txt is empty. Deleting.


Staff member
The case is wrong -- vole should be capitalised (in the filename). Probably the issue is that it's passed straight through as a string.