"Try to steal an item" not working


New member
Whenever I add "try to steal an item" to my ccs, when combat initiates, Mafia quits to the relay browser. Alternatively, if I start a combat from the relay browser, my ccs aborts with "Invalid macro". Pressing the script button allows the script to continue, but a pickpocket never happens. If I remove "try to steal an item" all works as expected. Mafia also doesn't pickpocket if I set my special action to do so and include "special action" in the ccs.
Any thoughts on what's going on here?


Hmm... Make sure you have pickpocket as a skill? I get a similar error to yours if I set my "slay the dead" macro to be my default combat action and then switch the cloak to something else/equip a non-sword and try combat with it still active. Also, when having used Vitamin G pill(s) as a non-moxie class and having pickpocket macro set as combat action. Also, make sure that you don't have the setting to skip pickpocketing if pickpocketing is deemed "too dangerous" turned on in CCS.