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The end boss in the GameInformer dungeon has a special power hinted at in the walkthrough. The wikil lists it as the following:
Cold immunity -- <Boss Name> is totally immune to ice-element attacks -- no Glaciernacht spells for you, <Hero Name>! And you might think he'd take extra damage from fire, like other ice-element creatures, but he doesn't. Bah!
Cold aura -- <Boss Name>'s evil black heart deals ice damage just by being near it! Get as much Fur-Lined and Ice Warded gear as you can before entering the battle!
Hot immunity -- <Boss Name> is 100 percent immune to fire, so don't even bother wasting your MP on that Flame Cloud spell! (Unfortunately, he doesn't take extra damage from Ice spells. Boo!)
Hot aura -- <Boss Name>'s throne room is super hot inside, and you're going to be literally cooking while you fight him! Get as much Fire Warded gear as you can, and try to get some Warm Blood potions as well.
Ignores armor(?) -- <Boss Name>'s attacks *hurt*, because he ignores a lot of your armor. Have a lot of healing available -- heck, it's the last fight, so there's no sense in holding onto those Ultraheal pots any longer, right?
Blocks combat items -- <Boss Name> doesn't stand around passively while you use items on him -- in fact, he'll knock them right out of your hand and laugh at you, that jerk!
Reduced physical damage -- <Boss Name> is pretty strong against regular attacks, and will take less damage from them than usual monsters! I recommend you use an elemental-aligned spell like Glacier or Tera Bolt, or have your weapon enchanted with Flame Shroud or the like.
Reduced damage from spells -- <Boss Name> is resistant to spells, and takes less damage from them. Yeah, I sure hope you didn't go full mage-class all the way through the game! (Maybe I should have warned you earlier, huh?)
Stun resistance -- <Boss Name> is totally stun-resistant. Yeah, like, don't even bother trying it. (I heard there was an exploit in testing where you could totally stun-lock him and make the fight trivial, so this is how they fixed it. Lame!)
Elemental resistance -- <Boss Name>'s elemental alignment is totally neutral, so he takes less damage from elemental attacks! (So much for your Magma Hose and Ice Blade spells!)
Passive damage -- <Boss Name>'s spiky armor will do damage to you if you try to hit him in melee combat, so unless you're really sure you can tough it out, try a crossbow or spells instead!

It would be great if Mafia tracked this in a preference so that combat scripts can access the information and do the right thing (i.e. not throw items that gets knocked out anyway). If this is already tracked somewhere I failed at finding where :)
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Since I've been working on getting WHAM to handle the procedurally generated skeletons I remembered this feature request I did. Anyone with time and skills to look at it?



I used the names you had above for the specials and searched for the text you provided.

User preference gameProBossSpecialPower

Untested. Obvious sources of error are me not copying and pasting what the OP has and the OP being incorrect in details. Will try and test 10/6/2013 if no feedback prior.


Don't mind me, I just want to paste this list of string values into the thread:

108 bossPower = "Cold immunity";
110 bossPower = "Cold aura";
112 bossPower = "Hot immunity";
114 bossPower = "Hot aura";
116 bossPower = "Ignores armor";
118 bossPower = "Blocks combat items";
120 bossPower = "Reduced physical damage";
122 bossPower = "Reduced damage from spells";
124 bossPower = "Stun resistance";
126 bossPower = "Elemental Reistance";
128 bossPower = "Passive damage";
130 Preferences.setString( "gameProBossSpecialPower", bossPower );


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So far this has worked great for the stun resistant as well as the elementally resistant boss (apparently 30% resistant btw). Doing a few more runs (need to get a gelatinous cube anyway so) to see if I can get most of the others as well.


I checked a few and saw the preference set according to the text. I'm going to mark this implemented and let people write reports is there is a specific case I/we got wrong.