Too many scripts? Scripts drop down doesn't scroll leaving most cut off


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So I'm running latest build (as of right now r19854), and have been having this trouble for about two weeks, just haven't posted yet (sorry!).

I did do an upgrade of Java, and running KoL puts me in jdk-11.0.6

Notice the scripts menu has no scrolling? I can't use a mousewheel to scroll, and it leaves it where anything past Rollover-Management is unusable via the menu (I can obviously call via a CLI command). I'm curious if I'm the only one, if the version of java installed broke it, or if I'm just SOL?


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The last time I looked at making it scroll it was going to take a bit of refactoring because of shared components. I'm OK with the workarounds so I personally have no motivation to change it.

Scripts->Load script will let the operating system display deal with lots of scripts and scrolling, at the cost of perhaps one more mouse click.

Set scriptMRULength to be the number of scripts you are comfortable with in the dropdown. It will have your most recently used scripts so there is hopefully less need to use Load scripts to find what you want.

You can try adding subdirectories to /scripts and rearranging where things are.

It's not your Java. Folks who did not know about scriptMRULength were wondering about scrolling at least as far back as 2013.


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Thank you! I searched, but it's kind of a nebulous thing to search for for good results! I appreciate the help!!


What about making separate directories? That's what I did. I put all my scripts that give support to other scripts in a "support script" directory.

Consult scripts, scripts that aren't run, because they are loaded by other scripts. I keep only my most commonly used scripts in my script folder. Then it's only hovering the mouse over the folder you want to look at, and eliminates the need for "load script".

Just my opinion.


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Fixed in r20712