Too many scripts for one page


So my menu is full of scripts. I've tried to pull a few on-off scripts into their own directory, but I'm afraid of moving ones that have dependencies and there are some that were installed by other scripts and I'm not sure which ones need them and if moving them would be a problem. (gain.ash, zlib.ash etc.)
Is there anything I can do to help clean up my menu so that I can see the scripts at the bottom of my list?


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You can move any of the scripts into subdirectories (e.g. scripts/libraries). You may want to test this to confirm, but I believe even if they're not in the default location (where they installed), updating over SVN will still work just fine in the new locations (and dependencies will still work as well).


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I assume you mean mafia's script menu?

My solution is to use the scriptMRULength parameter. If if it is set to something greater than zero it will replace the drop down listing of all scripts in the scripts directory with list of the most recently used scripts. If I need to run something that is not on the list then I use the mafia feature to browse the scripts directory and choose one from there. On my screen something around 30-35 keeps the complete list visible on the screen.

The preferred solution would be to make the list display scroll-able so that you could find everything. I looked at that years ago and making it so required making a lot of unrelated changes as well because the component was used in a lot of places. It is possible I am smarter now and could find a less intrusive method to make the change but since doing so merely duplicates the browse the directory functionality I don't have a lot of personal motivation to do the work.

You can move scripts and dependencies into subfolders however you want, and svn updates will still find them, but there's two things to watch out for:
A) Multiple folders means you can have multiple scripts with the same name, which will produce an error when you're trying to import either of them
B) Script calls with hardcoded folder locations will break (like cc_ascend used to have, when it preset your kingFreed/betweenBattle/afterAdventure scripts to /cc_ascend/kingcheese.ash. If you move that to scripts/ascension/cc_ascend/kingcheese.ash, mafia can't find them.)


Thanks guys, this will help me clean up stuff a lot. I've been afraid of moving zlib for fear of breaking 50% of my scripts.


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Fixed in r20712