StDoodle's Haunted Sorority Distro


StDoodle's Haunted Sorority Distro v1.5
Requires KoLmafia r9875


Yay, it now automatically starts at the page you really want (current dungeon status) and and and! I've added raid log manager-like summarization. Nifty!

Still need to add said features to the final table; someday, someday.

Quick Rundown

1) This script is for automated loot distro for Hardcore Nation. Our method is currently to give the person with the most total turns in all Sorority dungeons the outfit piece, then staff, then book. Anyone getting loot has their running total reset to 0, everyone else gets theirs tallied for future eligibility.

2) This is VERY VERY BETA. It should not be run automatically for distro without double-checking.2) It appears to be working as far as displaying wants & current pieces, as well as running tallies. It isn't great with suggestions except for the outfit piece. The forum post works fine, as does hitting the "Distro!" button. Also, changing drop downs seems to erase any player from the table who doesn't have previous turns. So make note of who gets what before changing any drop downs I guess.

4) Several bugs squashed in v1.1; mostly okish now, yay!



Put those three scripts anywhere in your support path (a folder named "scripts" directly under your KoLmafia directory is a good place).

Put this script itself in your "relay" folder (should be right under the KoLmafia directory; make if necessary). "std_tables.js" should go there too; it's the javascript for table sorting (which seems bugged, but that's probably a script problem; go ahead and download or not at your preference).


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