St. Doodle's Clan Management


StDoodle's Clan Management v1.1
Requires KoLmafia r9875

Who's it For?

Right now, this script is "optimized" for Hardcore Nation admins; that is to say, I've only "finished" (used loosely) work on the parts this particular clan cares about.

However, my goal is that this script will eventually be of use to admins from all sorts of clans, big and small. If that's one of your many hats in KoL, I'd really appreciate any feedback, feature requests, etc.

Quick Rundown

1) This is intended to eventually be a script that provides a lot of useful clan admin management, especially concerning dungeon parsing, debts and credits.

2) Though it has a long way to go, version 1.0 made some major back-end changes to [jargon removed]. Basically, it's easier to add on to and maintain.

3) The script only does a little on its own; mostly, it's intended to make use of plug-ins (see below).

4) The various data files used by this script are configured on an individual clan basis. While this means extra initialization and setup (though you can copy-paste, mostly), it also means you can track things as differently as you'd like between different clans. Yay.


zlib.ash (r31+ required, latest recommended)
std_lib.ash (v1.2 required)
htmlform.ash (v0.2 required)

Put those three scripts anywhere in your support path (a folder named "scripts" directly under your KoLmafia directory is a good place, though a "libraries" or "lib" sub-directory is a good idea for those with lots of scripts).


As mentioned, this script is really just the "window manager" of sorts for various plug-in scripts; it doesn't actually do much by itself (the "Status" pane is built-in; that's it).

In order to use this script, you should start out with the two plug-ins I have currently made.

1) This thread has "stash_log.ash", which handles meat & item tracking. This thread will likely hold any new plug-in scripts I create as well.

2) My dungeon parser is so complicated that it gets its own thread. Read it for more info (if you dare).

For the script, "initialize_clan_scripts.ash" it doesn't matter where it goes. You only need to run it once to set up the data files for the first time; after that you can delete it. I will eventually add a plug-in for editing these files; for now, you can manually do so if you're comfortable editing KoLmafia data files in general.

Please note, this script imports "relay_Clan_Management.ash", so you'll need to have it in place first. This script should overwrite any old data files if you've used the older version, but it wouldn't hurt to delete them first to be safe.

The files attached below should all be placed in KoLmafia's "relay" directory. These should include "relay_Clan_Management.ash" and the two supporting files "std_scripts.js" (javascript) and "std_styles.css" (stylesheets).


  • std_styles.css
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  • std_scripts.js
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  • relay_Clan_Management.ash
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  • initialize_clan_scripts.ash
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Banana Lord

Looks neat! Looking forward to seeing the finished product :). I was disproportionately freaked out when I clicked the update link and had this page open within the main pane of the relay browser.


Heh, don't worry, that's fixed in my development version. Bad news is I'm doing LOTS of stuff, so it'll be a while. ;)


Ok, as mentioned in the first post, there are lots of back-end changes to this version. I plan on doing some major refactoring for dungeon parsing as well, but wanted to put something that does at least as much as the old version out.

Please note the error-checking isn't all that robust yet; if ran in a clan where you don't have permission to view certain areas, it'll probably bork. It's on the list. ;)

Banana Lord

"Unknown variable 'tab_info' (relay_Clan_Management.ash, line 13)". Running r10043, latest zlib etc. Am I missing something?


Staff member
initialize_clan_scripts.ash‎ gave me an error about PATH and echo_actions() already being defined. Once I removed those (since I saw that they were also in relay_Clan_Management.ash) everything worked fine.


Oh doh! I moved some functions from std_lib to Clan_Management, so I had to change the import... nice catch.

Banana Lord

With the latest daily build and script version.
Function 'rnum3( int )' undefined. This script may require a more recent version of KoLmafia and/or its supporting scripts. (relay_Clan_Management.ash, line 207)

EDIT: Bah. Never mind.


Heh, the irony is that I don't think I use that function anymore; but since I released versions of scripts that depend on it, I don't want to take it out. :(

Edit to add: though I should probably change it to return rnum(parameter).