Spacegate Sounds


If you play in the Relay Browser and want to hear the Stargate KAWOOSH when you activate the Spacegate and open the portal to a planet, this is for you.

svn checkout

Will install Ezandora's Choice Override library, install a choice override for choice # 1235, a Javascript support file, and an mp3 file which will be played when you click a button to open the Spacegate - random, selected by 7 individual controls, or as a 7-letter word.

It will do this only under control of a preference:

set relayAddSounds=true

or in Preferences:

RelayBrowser/Look & Feel/Add sounds to certain events

(That also controls whether smashing barrels adds a sound.)

If you have a better sound, replace images/spacegate_activate.mp3 in your local installation and use it instead. If you feel it is better enough that others would also want it, share it here. :)