Sourceforge SVN Browser down?


Since Friday (I think) the sourceforge SVN browser ( has been down.

Has this moved somewhere else (see next comment), or are sourceforge having issues?

I don't think its moved as its still linked to from this page: (under code) and the actual svn repo is fine (I presume, since i'm seeing new builds) , just the browser seem to be down.

This also means that, until its fixed or an alternative is provided, the diff links in the latest changes posts won't work.

Edit: Just noticed, the forum "SVN Tracker" redirect doesn't work either due to the same thing.
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Answer my own question, others are having the same issue:

seems sourceforge have taken it down (temporarily but intentionally) due to attack, during which some of their servers were compromised

Our early assessment of which services and hosts were impacted, and the choice to disable CVS, ishell, file uploads, and project web updates appears to have prevented any further escalation of the attack or any data corruption activities.

more here:

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