Bug - Fixed Some users reporting failure to reset daily flags on rollover


I have not encountered this personally, just adding a bunch of anecdotal reports from today

Pantsless: hey, does anyone know what the command is in Mafia to reset all my daily thingers? for some reason mafia thinks I've already done all of my daily stuff. This seems to happen to me every few weeks.
Pantsless: thanks crackman, but the issue isn't just the breakfast variable, it's the hundred other variables, some of which are part of breakfast. It basically still has all of my flags from yesterday. It thinks I've already harvested my tea tree, already
Pantsless: so I'm trying to figure out how to tell Mafia hey, this is a new day, please notice it
Pantsless: ok, I set both lastCounterDay and lastGlobalCounterDay to -1, then restarted mafia. that seems to have worked

ajoshi: Oh yeah, that happened to me today as well
ajoshi: It thinks I have stomped 14 times today, etc

CaptNemo: I just logged on and when I check the mafia daily deeds, it says I've already done a bunch of stuff that I haven't.
CaptNemo: It didn't happen with my char I played after rollove last night and I haven't changed mafia in the meantime.

captain scotch
i feel like there is something seriously wrong with the preferences
okay yeah it did not cycle any of my preferences, but did clear my organs
like up front of my log, it feels like it is missing 90% of the preferences that change in a normal day

Spramen: So mafia apparently thinks I've played today already, so it's not doing the usual breakfast stuff
Spramen: Is there a way to tell Mafia "reset state for today"?
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My guess is that the KoL API changed? The "rollover" key from api.php returns the rollover index, in other words the number of rollovers since the start of the game in 2004. Currently I'm seeing a result "rollover":"6912" from the API. KoLMafia currently looks for a delta of 3600 between last rollover and current rollover, or 1 hour in seconds.


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So yeah, I think that "rollover" used to report the UNIX time of the next rollover, but now reports the number of today's rollover. So until Mafia or api.php are changed, every day is going to be January 1st, 1970, for Mafia users.


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Looks like they fixed api.php? From api.php?what=status&for=KoLmafia



Issue should be resolved now. API now returns a unix timestamp for the rollover again, and has a new key called "daynumber" for the rollover index.