Simple link in charpane for Laugh It Off casting


Completely revamped!

Open up the file to change whatever settings you'd like; it's pretty simple stuff to edit.

Each of the following is enabled by default, but easy to set as ignored:

1) Adds another "refresh" link at the top. I like it, so it's there. But now it's easy to get rid of.

2) If you're wearing Boris's Helm, easily twist the horns from the charpane

3) If you're in AoB, add (much new & improved, no more messing with CLI settings manually) Laugh-Casting

4) Turn mcd-types into dropdown menu (Note: only tested for muscle sign, doesn't work for full charpane, and kinda buggy when ML set to 0).

Note: Both files are required; charpane.ash must go in the relay directory, and you must have relay overrides enabled (requires restart of KoLmafia if not currently set). The "superlaugh.ash" file can go anywhere in mafia's support paths (scripts, relay, etc.).



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