Feature - Implemented Setting/preference to restrict size of dropdown-menus


At the moment I am having some trouble reaching the bottom of my scripts menu:

I wondered if you could possibly implement a setting to stop the menus from exceeding the size of the mafia-window, and rather give a scroll button at the bottom? Or possibly tell me where this, or a similar setting can be found, if it already exists?


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Well, a short term solution is to make more subfolders... There is also the MRU-list you can turn on which will show the X most recent scripts run.
set scriptMRULength = X, where X is larger than 0


Seems to me that the reason I went for the MRU with size limit is that there was a Java related issue with adding a scroll bar and some difficulty in determining the conditions that would trigger it, even if it could be used. I have been quite happy with the MRU for scripts i use a lot and the List Scripts option (which uses a different display) when I add something new or rarely used.


Fixed in r20712