Feature Remembering Window Sizes for All Windows Across Launches

Short version: Can I make KoLmafia remember the position of all windows for next launch?

Long version: I am aware of the 'set rememberDesktopSize = true' option, but for me this doesn't actually remember the positions and sizes of any windows other than the Main Interface from KoLmafia. Is there already preferences somewhere that I can edit to store the positions and sizes of the Graphical CLI window and the Relay Browser windows? If not, is it possible to add this—my searching seems to indicate that this was a bit of a problem with Java way back in 2004, and I've no reason to believe it wouldn't continue to be tricky, so I'm quite prepared for the short and simple answer 'no'.

Oh, and thank you, tirelessly-working coders—you make KoL so much nicer for me…
If I may necromance this thread, I would very much also like to be able to do or script this.
There are several options conatining "Frame" in the prefs, however it seems changing them only has little or no effect, plus which window refers to which option is not clear to me.
The main reason for this is that the gCLI always opens overlapping the main window, and due to java behaviour sometimes can't be put in foreground anymore. If I could force it to a fixed position/size this wouldn't be a problem.
I would love to be able to script this!

Every morning, Mafia opens itself automatically, runs my scripts, gets itself ready, and the first thing I do is sit down and drag the windows to the right places.

I love you, KoLmafia, and all the wonderful people who make it possible, but oh, if Mafia would remember my window positions I'd love it even more.

[Edit: I went mad with exclamation marks and came across as breathlessly giddy.]