quick SVN primer (for scripters)


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I'm not sure there's a better place for this, but if so, we can move it.

I'm trying to debug an issue with SVNKit for someone, and it turns out there there is logging built in to the damn thing, and you can turn it on from your java command line (or set up a run/debug config in your IDE for it, however you work...).
  1. You need to create a file called "logging.properties" and put it somewhere easy to find
  2. grab the contents from here: https://github.com/jenkinsci/svnkit/blob/master/svnkit-cli/src/main/conf/logging.properties
  3. execute java with the property set to point to your logging.properties file like this:
    java -Djava.util.logging.config.file=/Users/mcroft/logging.properties.txt -jar KoLmafia-20690.jar
  4. view svnkit.0.log (or equivalent).

I wanted to put this here before it disappeared from my zsh_history...

Documentation is here: https://wiki.svnkit.com/Troubleshooting