Psychic Consultations


100% hands-free daily psychic consultations with Zatara. Simply drop it into your breakfast scripts.

gCLI installation:

Script will grab your current clannies from the clan roster, then start sending them consultation requests, starting with the top-most clannie. It will also then check if you have any outstanding consults of your own to do and send them off.

Note: Does not check if you have VIP, a clan Fortune Teller, or a clan in general. I'm just going to presume you're smart enough to make sure you have those beforehand.


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The auto-reply feature alone is a killer.

Could it be modified to read a list of player IDs for sending requests from a text file? My clan has a fixed list of volunteers (some of whom are inactive).

P.S. If you prefer, I'll open an issue over at GitHub instead for future discussions.


You could do as I did in my earlier version and omit the auto-generated clannie list in favor of a hard coded array of names.

string[int] clannies = {"name1", "name2"};
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