Bug - Fixed Problem when turning a chibibuddy on


New member
When using your ChibiBuddy from the relay browser to turn it on Mafia correctly removes the ChibiBuddy (off) from the inventory but does not add the ChibiBuddy (on) back.
It would be great if you didn't have to refresh the inventory after having used it in order for it to show up.


Reopening, since I have now attempted to turn on this thing for the first time, and I see that it redirects you to choice #633.


Using the item takes you to choice #633. If you take option 1, you lose the (off) item and gain the (on) item.

Revision 13064 should handle this.

It did for me. Since I have just started a 19 day Softcore ascension, I have pulls to spare, am in no hurry, and figure I may as well try for the 11-day ChibiTrophy™.