Prevent CCS from aborting on item failure


New member
Is there a way to prevent Mafia from aborting a fight when a limited use combat item fails to have an effect? Say I was wanting to include the logic in a CCS to
1. item nuclear stockpile
2. item power pill
3. item tatter, tatter

I tried including the first two lines in a ccs and when the stockpile is out of uses for the day, mafia will abort and makes me handle the combat manually. If I instead try "item nuclear stockpile, item power pill" it will give me the nuclear stockpile error, properly use the power pill killing the enemy, and abort after the combat's over.

I considered tracking the uses of each item outside of the ccs and using set battleAction to "item nuclear stockpile" but then trying to spend one adventure acts repeatedly because the turn isn't consumed. Typing this now I realize I might be able to handle this with set condition = "exp+1" but I'm out of power pill uses to try that.

Any suggestions? Again, I'm ideally hoping to handle the logic in the CCS itself.