Bug pillkeeper CLI command does not retrieve pillkeeper

to replicate:
closet your pillkeeper
set autoSatisfyWithCloset to true
try a pillkeeper CLI command

I feel like this should not be intended behavior if autoSatisfy is set to true, although I am open to disagreement on this front.
I suspect this is the case for most (if not all) CLI commands. Do any of them attempt to retrieve the equipment (or familiar) instead of just failing if you don't have it?


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The usual paradigm is to call InventoryManager.hasItem() to verify that the item is available using your retrieval methods.

A handful of them use InventoryManager.retrieveItem() to move the item into inventory. For example, the "absorb" command.

But most of them use a Request that does the retrieveItem in its run() method. For example, the "genie" command which makes a GenieRequest.

The pillkeeper is accessed using a call to "main.php?eowkeeper=1" - and there is no PillKeeperRequest.

I'd say the command itself should do the retrieve item; it has already called InventoryManager.hasItem to verify you have the item using your specific retrieval methods. After validating the rest of the command, it should retrieveItem and then call main.php.


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@Veracity should it return it afterwards. My strong instinct is no.