Philter, the inventory cleanup script


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Maybe I am looking in all the wrong places, but is there a way to tell the script to not pull anything from Hagnk or the closet if I am in HC? Would be nice to be able to clean up the inventory in those hardcore runs as well, but right now it ends with an error message that I am unable to pull stuff.
You should really only use it outside of an ascension. Its not made to be used while ascending.
There is an option in the relay menu for it not to pull though
Sometimes (today, for example) Philter tries to sell my only available copy of the item, if I have another in closet. Most often it happens with any new item, but stops after I retrieve it from the store, and never repeat.

Well, today Mafia updated to r27799, and now ocd-cleanup.ash insist to put on mall any item I have with settings "keep 1" and when I have it in closet, as soon as I pull it back. :(

Can it be prevented? I just found another several items from the older Crimbo that I had in closet, but haven't in bag - seems, they was sold the same way long ago. :(