PhillaSausage-O-Matic (One-click multi-sausage creation!)


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Hi there! I've been meaning to learn relay scripting for a while, and January's IotM seemed like as good an excuse as any! PhillaSausage-O-Matic will craft and grind meat paste for you, craft as many sausages as you require in a single button press, and does some of the arithmetic for you to work out how much meat you need for 23 sausages on the day or . Entirely open to suggestions for other useful functionality, entirely open to being told that it's totally useless, entirely open to being told the UI is bad. (The UI is bad, I'll work on it moving forward, but hey, such is life.)

Install the script by putting the following in the CLI:

svn checkout

and update it with svn update.

Feedback? Suggestions? Contact me here or ingame as Phillammon (#2393910)!


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This script is really neat! My only gripe is that I couldn't get it to fill any casings. I'm running Mafia build 19065

Also, I think changing grind and pump to pump and grind (bump and grind) would be much funnier

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Any chance you could give the option to show your items (for turning into stuffing) by value? Would be good to scroll through and easily see what they higher-value items are.