Bug - Fixed Orb Pondering Prefix Trimming


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I noticed that pondering the crystal ball sometimes doesn't always trim the prefix from the monster name.

For example, pondering the orb after a Big Wheelin' Twins prediction leads to:
Preference crystalBallPredictions changed from 602:Twin Peak:Big Wheelin' Twins to 603:Twin Peak:the Big Wheelin' Twins
That is, the monster was correctly parsed as "Big Wheelin' Twins" during the adventure that predicted it. But then is incorrectly parsed as "the Big Wheelin' Twins" during pondering.

Similarly, after Mismatched Twins:
Preference crystalBallPredictions changed from 604:The Defiled Alcove:corpulent zobmie|604:Twin Peak:Mismatched Twins to 605:Twin Peak:some Mismatched Twins

Attached is the HTML for the mismatched twins example. It might be as simple as adding more prefixes to the regex in CrystalBallManager, but I'm not sure if there is list of prefixes KoL likes to use elsewhere in the code.


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We can switch the regexps to use something like
(?:an?|the|some) (.*?)
, but my concern is that some monster names do start with The, while others have The as an article that proceeds it separately.

I'd also be curious if
There's a little you fighting a little <b>(.*?)</b>
should be swapped to also allow
There's a little you fighting some little <b>(.*?)</b>
and things like that; i'd have to see more data points from the ponder text to answer this.