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Lets close it once there is no more TBD unlock.
I wonder if this is ever going to be found!
According to KoL forums:

With the left-hand man I was able to equip both the dyspepsi uniform and latte, and can indeed confirm that the +25% init enchantment is from a battlefield (dyspepsi-uniform).
If we can get the text for what you find and hand to a barrista, we can complete the list of latte unlocks:

        { "dyspepsi", "TBC", "Dyspepsi-flavored", "Dyspepsi", "with a shot of Dyspepsi syrup", "Initiative: 25", "TBC" },
According to the Wiki, the Rift to the battlefield is available if:

- You are level 4-5
- You have ascended at least once
- You have acquired Fernswarthy's key from the Guild quest

That last one excludes Plumbers, so, I'll be standing by waiting for instructions. :)


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And ... it's on the Wiki.

I'll submit that and a fix to the OOB exception from the "latte refill" command and then we can close this.


Is there a one-step way to have latte refill with the current ingredients? If not, can there be?
latte unlocks | unlocked | refill ingredient1 ingredient2 ingredient2 - Shows unlocks, unlocked items, or refills latte
I usually keep it on the same setting based on what was unlocked during the run, but what those settings are differs across runs so putting in the exact three isn't always possible.
latte refill same, or something of the sort.