Mysticality Farming in Bathroom request


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I can't code and don't have time to learn, and I would like to request a script for mysticality farming in the bathroom. Auto-adventure until out of turns, am willing to eat/drink and other things manually.


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First, what do you mean by "mysticality farming"? If you're looking to power level, just set up the noncombat choices and use KoLmafia's auto-adventuring feature. No scripting needed.

Second, why would someone want to spend their valuable time for you when you're hesitant to spend yours? Had you asked for help on learning, people would be more open to help. Had you promised some bounty, someone might be interested.

I quote this post from 2006, which is still valid today:

(...) the idea is to encourage people to do more of the legwork themselves by assigning an often unthinkable price tag to scripts which run on a free engine to a free game, and if they're unwilling to do any legwork, they will have to place substantial material value on the time that others invest in writing scripts they were too lazy to write themselves.


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How familiar are you with KoLmafia?

The guide has a page for the Java interface with the tools you need. Instead of beach, enter bathroom, put in 400 the box with the 0, and press Begin. This is literally the simplest thing you can do with the tool. (It's also what phil was recommending, but now with pictures).