Bug - Not A Bug monsterhpabove ccs predicate issues


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So, a sample of what I'm using here.

[ of the woods ]
if monsterhpabove 50
skill chop
skill curdle

Mafia's version of the monsterhpabove predicate seems to be borked, or it might just be KoL that's messed up. I have Monster Manuel, so I get exact data, but it seems that the monsterhpabove predicate is not factoring in +ML when it is checking HP, which leads me to believe that it's not checking the reported HP by Manuel. This is most apparent when you're running +30 ML while fighting something like the imps in the Friar quest, and have an "if monsterhpabove 50" predicate. This is how I discovered it wasn't factoring ML, as if the monster was under 80 HP, instead of 50, I would trigger Curdle. It's also not factoring variance, since I'm still getting Curdle unless the monster is a few HP past 80, somewhere around 84 or so. By changing the above to "if monsterhpabove 45" I seem to have fixed my issues, but this means that all my scripts that check monster HP (which is pretty useful for someone like Jarlsberg, or casters in general) must account for +ML, and also for the variance when I'm making them, which is somewhat annoying.

Anyway, hoping someone can answer if this is a bug, and if so, if it's a bug with Mafia or KoL itself, thanks!


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If you use a KoL macro, it gets handed straight to KoL... so that would be a KoL bug, not a mafia one. Report it there. :)


There's already a post in G-D about this. I don't see a place to change this to Not A Bug in the mobile interface...

roippi edit: got it.
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