Bug Max Price field in the maximizer appears to do nothing.

Help page says

So I set my options thus:

15 million is about 14 million higher than the current mall price of the 5th cheapest gingerbeard and yet it doesn't show up there.
No matter what combination of the radio buttons I set, it never shows up and clearly the max price field is neither blank, nor 0.
I even did a mall search for gingerbeard to ensure it was cached in this session (so definitely in that 7 day period it mentions) and tried again, no luck. I set maximizerCurrentMallPrices to true, same outcome.


Staff member
I never liked that "self-explanatory" part. Can we fix this by updating the maximizer help? i.e. is this a documentation bug?

If the Max Price field is zero or blank, the limit will be the smaller of your available meat or your autoBuyPriceLimit (default 20,000).

If the Max Price field has a value in it, the limit will be the smaller of your available meat or the Max Price value.

Since the Maximizer is about actions you can take, I don't think it wants to consider things you can't afford. Max Price works if it's less than available meat as expected, which is to say it limits it.

If we want the Max Price to act regardless of meat on hand, then that would be a feature request.