Does mafia have support to make a mallbot, or would i have to find other programs to use

I just found out that people might get confused

I meant a buybot not a mallbot

sorry all


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Buybot? You might want to explain how that would work, in particular how it would be any different than a mallbot that you're distinguishing it from.


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Possible? Yes. Easy? No.

If you're trying to make what people might think you're trying to make, you're probably not going to get much help from the folks here either.


Mafia is purposefully hobbled with regards to providing mall prices to scripts. This was done specifically to make it hard to create a bot that responds to specific prices in the mall.


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Depends. If you know how to program Java, you can get quite a nice little mallbot going by just undoing the protection. But really, no.

Mafia won't tell you the mall price of the cheapest object in the mall, only the fifth cheapest (so you can't continually search for Mr. A items priced at 100 meat, etc.)
It also will censor the results of anything with "mall" in the address, i.e. mall.php, searchmall.php, so you can't manually try and search by parsing the HTML.