Mall store value


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With the recent change to the mall layout the part of farm.ash (and also my private login and logout scripts) that parse mallstores and sum up the total value of things in it stopped working since the things it parses are no longer there in the same way.

Is there a good way with common ash-commands to get the value of the things in your store?
I know I can get how many of what I have in my store with get_shop(), but is there a way to tell what I have something priced at without parsing the page myself?

If not, could someone help me parse that from the mall page because my regexp knowledge is not nearly good to enough to figure that out...


See ManageStore. i had to rewrite the code I got from zarqon to parse item and quantities in my store. That may help you. I gave up on a regexp and just looked for strings. If you or anyone else gets a regex, I'd love to learn from it. I'd also be willing to put the corresponding functionality on someone's library file (including mine) so it can be cleanly used as a dependency.


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AN interesting point is that Mafia, if you open up you store in the StoraManage window, shows you the potential earnings so Mafia knows how much yoru store is worth when you visit it. Any chance that number could be exposed to the user via ash?