Bug - Not A Bug Mafia thinks I need Ouija Board, Ouija Board to cast Spiky Shell, but I don't.


I ran into this error today, using v20.7 r20866. I was max casting Spiky Shell from the mafia Skill Casting tab. It happens every time I do this, so I was able to produce a debug log with it happening. For whatever reason, mafia thinks I need the Ouija Board, Ouija Board, but casts the spell normally without it anyway. I'm in a casual run as a Seal Clubber.

"Verifying ingredients for Ouija Board, Ouija Board (1)...
You need 1 more lump of Brituminous coal to continue.
You are out of Ronin and need a Ouija Board, Ouija Board to cast that. Check item retrieval settings.

Casting Spiky Shell 83 times...
You acquire an effect: Spiky Shell (415)
Spiky Shell was successfully cast."


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That is intentional. When you have no restrictions (in a Casual ascension, for instance), KoLmafia is attempting to save resources/server hits by requiring you to have the most effective "easy" item on hand. The cost is trivial (4500 right now) and one time.