LootBot -- A dungeon loot auto-seller (is you)


LootBot -- Sell dungeon loot, lazily!

This is an experimental thing to make selling untradeable dungeon loot only marginally more complicated than Mall-selling.

It runs a chatbot/kmailbot on your account, which will:
  • Give lists of what's for sale; optionally allows pre-ordering stuff that isn't there yet
  • Whitelist people who buy stuff, and tell them what to do (to get in the dungeon logs)
  • Distribute the loot
  • Cancel orders on request and/or when it doesn't understand something

What it will NOT do: spam /trade advertisements for you. Pretty much everything else, though, is automated.


  1. Have magical admin powers in your loot clan, and at least one subordinate rank that allows dungeon access (optional for Slime Tube).
  2. Install, with the CLI command:
    svn checkout https://svn.code.sf.net/p/guyymafia/code/lootbot
  3. Open the relay browser and use the dropdown in the upper right -> LootBot to set up prices and stuff. Most of this is self-explanatory. The settings are per-clan, not per-account, so you can switch admin accounts without losing them.
  4. Use this CLI command to activate it:
    lootbot on
  5. Run KolMafia chat! This allows it to detect buyers' Kmails. The relay browser chat may work, depending on your version of Mafia.
  6. Tell potential buyers to Kmail or PM you "#loot". This will send them your price list, and enough of an explanation that they should be able to understand how to buy things. Everything after this point is automatic.

"lootbot off" will turn it off, but the chatscript will stay on, to tell anyone who sends a #loot message that it isn't running. To get rid of it entirely, go to Preferences -> Automation and delete the Chatbot Script setting.

Here's the rest of its CLI commands:

 lootbot loot -- shows the price list produced by kmailing "#loot".

 lootbot orders -- lists all incomplete orders.

 lootbot send [dungeon] -- sends out all ordered loot. Do this after pre-ordered loot drops.
 For players with dropped loot who aren't in the logs, it will send reminders.
 Auto-cancels any orders that cannot be fulfilled.

 lootbot empty [dungeon] -- attempts to get rid of all the loot by sending it to any eligible
 orderers (even if there are ineligible ones ahead of them). The rest is sent to
 your own account, if possible.

 lootbot consume -- sends you all the consumable (tradeable) drops.

 lootbot cancel [itemname, itemname...] -- erases orders and sends the Meat back. 
 If there's no item list, it cancels all orders.

 lootbot blacklist [username] -- blocks untrustworthy users from buying loot.

You can choose to run it on an account that isn't your main, and have it send you the meat it collects, but only if the bot account has not spent any turns in the dungeon. I'm pretty sure that qualifier makes it not multi-abuse, since it's basically working as a mallbot, but if someone tells me I'm dumb and that is actually abuse, this feature will be removed.

Also, I'll be running it -- on "guyy" for now -- with some slime loot for the next few days probably, so you can test it out and/or buy junk.

* This has no relation to LootBot, #2424842. That's a squatter account someone made within hours of when I started testing this. Lulz.
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After looking at the code and doing some testing, 5 should not be true with new chat. And I'm sure there would have been bug reports if it was true for older chat.