Bug - Cannot Reproduce Level 10 Council link messes up topbar


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r8387 and earlier builds as well

I can't recall how far back this goes and I kept meaning to report it as a bug, but generally forgot until it happened again. Anyhow, when I level up, I tend to click the helpful council links that appear at the end of combat. For some reason, when I click on the level 10's council link, it messes up my top bar.

In general, my top bar normally shows quick skills (enabled from account menu). Now, thanks to Bale's GUI of his Universal Recovery Script (and Jason's HTML form that facilitated that), I also have a dropdown to run scripts there. I also generally have the little "re" button that mafia provides to refresh the top bar. I thank you very much for that addition and it's come in handy many many many times.

When I click the level 10 council link, my top bar blanks out with the exception of my quick skills which have shifted over to the far left instead of the far right and nothing else appears. The "re" button is gone, everything is missing. If I right click and manually reload the top bar's frame, that doesn't make anything reappear. The only solution I've found is to close the relay browser and reopen it again.


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Hrmm... from that I gather it's not mafia that presents a "council" link with the level up message at the end of combat in the relay browser? If that's the case, perhaps this is a Mr. Script thing and not mafia at all, in which case my bug report is ill placed and I need a more recent version of Mr. Script?


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I definitely think that that is Mafia. I've never used Mr Script and I always has the "council" link when I level up.


Hrmm... from that I gather it's not mafia that presents a "council" link with the level up message at the end of combat in the relay browser?

Oh, that link. Yeah, I get a council link when I level up. It has never caused a problem though. It's even possible that Mr. Script also has such a link and there's a problem with the synergy. Next time you're about to level up, try disabling greasemonkey and see what happens.


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lmao it could be months before I ascend again and by then will probably forget till it happens again lol. My friend said "you need to ascend more often, what kind of tester are you?" LOL I'll try to write a reminder, but I almost always neglect to notice the reminders I set for myself so we'll see.


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Any topmenu relay script that could try adding a link to the beanstalk but failed due to not yet having the beanstalk grown?


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Well, that might be Mister Script then. I know I do get a stalk link, just never paid much attention to when it actually appeared. I'll look into that, thanks for the tip.