KoLMafia Launcher and Auto-Updater for Windows


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I've built a PowerShell script that checks to see if a new build of KoLMafia has been published compared to the version you have. If so, it replaces what you have with the latest. Either way, it finishes up by launching.

This script makes the following assumptions:
1. You are running KoLMafia as a jar
2. You have jar files associated with some sort of Java launcher/interpreter (typically javaw.exe)
- If jar is not associated with a launcher, will try to run via javaw.exe within PATH



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Release 2.1

  • Added logic to intelligently determine if ps2exe module is available, should be imported, or should be installed from Gallery
  • Removed user-editable line to determine KoL install location
  • Added logic to read install location from Launch-KoL.pref
  • If Launch-KoL.pref looks like it hasn't been edited, assumes script is running from the same folder as KoL
  • Initial format, contains only Location