Bug - Fixed KoLmafia attempts to repeatedly visit the rumpus room for a clanless character


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My alt DDStashBot is clan-less. When I log in as that character, KoLmafia tries to visit the Rumpus Room, and fails, repeats the request indefinitely, and no amount of typing "abort" in the gCLI or pressing Escape will make it stop.


That request only happens
if ( KoLConstants.clanRumpus.contains( "Mr. Klaw \"Skill\" Crane Game" ) )
which won't be the case if you aren't in a clan. Just tested this on a multi to be sure, and I can't reproduce it.


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Any chance this is one of those values that doesn't get cleared on a non-full-close character change? We've had issues with various other values that don't get cleaned up, though I think Veracity got most of those several years ago...


I had the same bug yesterday, I haven't been able to reproduce it though. I ended up having my alt join a random clan, then leaving it, and haven't had the same issue again.