KeepingTabs - a simple inventory management script


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Keeping Tabs on your Items​

This is a script to manage your inventory for the KoLMafia client for the web browser game Kingdom of Loathing.

How to install​

svn checkout

How to use​

Using the native KoL interface, create native tabs to match the specific actions that you want to complete. The names of the tab must match exactly the format of

Enabling "favorites"​

In order to use this script, you must enable favorites. This can be found by going to the Options button in KoL, then clicking the Inventory Submenu. Under the heading "Right Click", there is a checkbox that says "Add to Favorites (inventory only)". Clicking this check box adds an option when right clicking an item in your inventory.

Now you can add "favorites" tabs by going to your inventory and clicking "[+]" next to "[recent items]". After creating the tab, if you need to change its name you can click on the tab and click "rename".

Naming Tabs​

When naming a tab, you specify what to do with all items in that tab by naming the tab


  • mall
    • This will add the item to your mall store
  • autosell
    • This will autosell the item
  • sell
    • This will either autosell the item or add it to your mall store. It will add it to your mall store only if there are less than 1000 stocked at autosell price
  • use
    • This will use the item
  • display
    • This will add the item to your display case
  • closet
    • This will add the item to your closet
  • kmail
    • This will Kmail the item to the specified user (all items will be in a batch). A #target option must be specified.
  • fuel
    • This will convert items in this tab into Asdon Martin fuel


All options are supported in all tabs, unless specified. They are white space sensitive, so < 100 is not the same as <100. Multiple options can be supplied by providing a comma seperated list.

  • keepN
    • Keeps N copies of the item after running
  • <N
    • Only performs the given operation on items that have a mallPrice that is less than N
  • >N
    • Only performs the given operation on items that hvae a mallPrice that is greater than N
  • #target
    • (only supported by kmail) to whom to send the kmail. Can be player name or player ID number
  • body=text
    • (only supported by kmail) the text of the kmail to send


autosell:keep10: Autosell all items but keep 10 of each item.

kmail:#sellbot,<1000: Kmail any item with mallPrice < 1000 to sellbot.

mall:>1000,<10000: Mall any item worth more than 1000 and less than 10000.


After adding your items to the favorite tabs in the game, just run hte command keeping-tabs on the command line. By default, it will run the command groups in the order use mall autosell display kmail

You can also specify which group of actions you want run, and which order you'd like to run them in, for example keeping-tabs use mall kmail would, in order, use items in the use tab, add all items in the mall tab to your mall store, and kmail all items specified in any kmail tabs to the matching users
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Big update to this script. I wrote some extensive documentation, added a bunch of features (which should all be in the documentation above). This is intended to be a lightweight replacement to other inventory management scripts. The big selling points are using the KoL UI means that you can customize it exactly as you would otherwise, and the configuration itself, so you can play with it across multiple devices.