New Content Jan 2023 IotM: Rock Garden Guide


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I got the same three items two days in a row, but the item numbers skip, so there are probably six more items. I couldn't find anything new in the mall, so I'm guessing those come from not picking your garden.

File attached to preserve tabs.


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So we have a new Standard garden, eh? It's not in Mr. Store yet.
I guess I'll need to plant one before I start my 2023 Standard ascensions.

New gardens require new support in CampgroundRequest and perhaps in GardenCommand and elsewhere...


I've noticed that
garden pick
seems to trigger multiple picking attempts based on the number of expected garden growth yields, even though you harvest everything all at once. This results in up to 14 empty pick attempts when harvesting full cornucopias. Not the end of the world, but unintended behavior affecting all gardens.

The same rule applies for each of the three rock garden growths, but the garden pick command is likely inappropriate for this anyway.


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There's a new monster in that content.
Manuel says that 'Moleman' (2267) scales, but KoLmafia doesn't
Manuel    says that 'Moleman' (2267) 'Never wins initiative', but KoLmafia says it    is 0
Manuel says that 'Moleman' (2267) has phylum humanoid, but    KoLmafia says it is none
Manuel says that 'Moleman' (2267) has article    'a', but KoLmafia says it is ''


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Has anyone else observed the 1x/day items not setting their used preference? Here's a plain example I just tried on the latest version of mafia. I typed the use command directly into the CLI, then used the relay browser to pick the Muscle option:
> use "strange stalagmite"

Using 1 strange stalagmite...
Preference lastEncounter changed from garbage tourist to Strange Stalagmite(s)
Encounter: Strange Stalagmite(s)
Unsupported choice adventure #1491
choice 1: Strangely move pieces at random until you figure it out
choice 2: Develop a strange algorithm to move the parts quickly
choice 3: Ask a stranger to solve it for you
Click here to continue in the relay browser.

You gain 364 Fortitude

> version

KoLmafia r27129

I know there was a PR to set up the preferences, but maybe there's more work needed to handle it correctly because of the choice?