Bug items (evil eyes, skeleton bones) not recognized in the Cyrpt (build 20662)


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I couldn't turn up anything with the search, but, yeah, I skeptical that I would be the first to report.

I'm running build 20662 provided by Jenkins (thank you). I haven't been back to playing for long, but I know this behaviour wasn't around when I started back (I was building my own dailies, then, but surely not relevant). Since then, I got the retrocape, but I'm not sure if that's the cause. KoLMafia never recognizes evil eyes and does not always recognize skeleton bones in recent runs ("use" button missing and not refgistered in INV). I ran into a daily dungeon with a -3 ADV trap at a door because I wasn't looking closely enough when Mafia said I couldn't make keys. I've got some screenshots, and I haven't seen any relevant code changes for this in newer builds (I realize it isn't current). In one case, it could have to do with the slimeling "coughing up" message, but not with the eyes, because I did not have that fam them.

Thanks for the coding, cheers.



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