I broke CHIT


New member
I was attempting to change my CHIT preferences and must have done something wrong because I started to get this in red text:

"Array index [1] out of bounds (1) (chit_brickGear.ash, line 320)
at chit_available (chit_brickGear.ash:333)
at chit_available (chit_brickGear.ash:353)
at chit_available (chit_brickGear.ash:357)
at addGear (chit_brickGear.ash:381)
at addGear (chit_brickGear.ash:413)
at addFavGear (chit_brickGear.ash:421)
at addGear (chit_brickGear.ash:2008)
at bakeGear (chit_brickGear.ash:2074)
at bakeBricks (charpane.ash:4405)"

Now, I'm not sure what I did to break it in this way and that's the issue. I deleted and re-installed CHIT several times. I went in and tried to make sure everything was changes to DEFAULT as well, no dice. If I could get some insight as to how to resolve this I would greatly appreciate it!