How to edit Relay custom skill buttons, please?

Hello, friends. Can I change the Relay Server custom fight skill buttons? I'm certain I did this 10 years ago and can't remember or figure out how to change the buttons at the top of the Relay Server's fight pages. For instance, I have
attack, script, soul bubble, olfaction, noodles, salsaball, wave, saucegeyser, curse of weaksauce, shocking lick, sould blaze, soul finger
All that takes up a lot of room, and with the "update hotkeys" drop-down, it takes up three rows in my center pane.

The only thing I've found that I think might be related is relaySkillButtonCount=5 in GLOBAL_prefs.txt. I've spent several hours in a few days trying to track this down, so please forgive my ignorance. Thank you.

Windows 10, KoLmafia 26840, Java 17 from, autoscend.ash.