How much MP will I restore by resting?

Does Mafia know how much MP will be restored if I rest? Is there a function for this?

(Alternatively, is there a function that will tell me where Mafia will rest when I script cli_execute("camp rest")? I could manually determine the restore amount if I knew which location Mafia would choose.)


Staff member
Check chateauAvailable and restUsingChateau to see if Chateau will be used for resting. If it is not being used, then "modtrace rest" will show you the modifiers you can look at to see what your campground will restore.


I have this line in my manaburning-script, which I *think* I stole from one of Bale's scripts. Hopefully it can be of some use to you:
rest_mp = numeric_modifier("Base Resting MP") * (numeric_modifier("Resting MP Percent")+100) / 100 + numeric_modifier("Bonus Resting MP");