GoogleDocs interaction in KoLmafia


For better or worse, my clan (Hardcore Nation) is rather wedded to using GoogleDocs for tracking several types of information on our clan and its members.

This is quite the unusual request, but does anyone know of any effort that's been made by anyone to read / write to GoogleDocs from a mafia script? I certainly don't want to ask anyone to go to such an effort for me, but if it's already been done it would be awesome not to reinvent the wheel. :)

Technical info:

A method that didn't require anything other than KoLmafia and support files normally used for such would be preferred. Javascript files would be okay, but running a separate program would be a bit more than I could easily ask of some of the intended user base.

Most, if not all, of the docs in question are spreadsheets. They are almost all restricted to a list of people, rather than publicly accessible.

Thanks all!


I don't think any of that is technically possible, since KoLmafia doesn't facilitate any form-based authentication other than with KoL itself. But, if there are third party programs that already interact with Google Docs, it might be possible to figure out how to get KoLmafia to interact with those?


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To answer your question, no, I don't know of any such efforts.

To expand upon what holatuwol has talked about, KoLmafia only supports session management for KoL.

It is, however, possible to authenticate to an OpenID provider without session management. It's not possible to do this without being able to post data to a HTTP request body.

As far as I can tell, even though you can set the request method of a KoLmafia GenericRequest to POST, any "form" parameters will still be sent via query string in the URL and not in the request body.

Depending on what it is you need to accomplish, I would suggest you may need to write a server-side application (PHP, ASP, AppSpot etc.) that can act as the middleman between your ASH scripts and google docs.

Good luck :)


Well, all that sounds like a bit much. ;) I figured that would probably be the case, but thought I should find out for sure. It looks like I get to push for major changes in HCN to how loot is tracked... yay! But seriously, both of you, thanks for confirming, even if it isn't the answer I'd have liked; knowledge is power blah blah. ;)